Holidays are over

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I know lilli only goes to preschool but she still has holidays and i love it. There is just not so much rushing around in the morning when its holidays. I like to start the day s..l..o..w..l..y, i hate to rush. lol.

Any way here are a few creations of mine, this one is a present for my dad (ummm obviously). I made one for my mum but it was easy, there is always lots of girly stuff for decorating. I found it harder to do dads but i did find some nice boot buttons and i made the felt hat myself. I think it turned out nice anyway. Now he can display next to mums M
This a layout i done a couple of weeks ago, we went to the beach at Old Bar, Lilli loved it she didnt want to go home. I couldn't believe she went in the waves though, she hated it last summer. Amazing how much difference a year can make. She looked toooo cute in her little bikini .

Well i hope this post turns out alright, still trying to get used to it, havent figured out how to add other blogs or anything yet but hopefully one day soon lol. Not completely computer literate lol but there is always 'backspace' and 'delete' lol.


Leisa@Scrapsidaisy said...

What a cool layout - I love the way you have placed the photos and the colours just so suit the beach theme! Gorgeous!