Back Already!!!!

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Well there is not a great deal else to do on a wet, cold winters day. Except play on the computer.
So here are my other LO's that I am pretty sure I haven't shared yet. The first LO I totally stole from the very clever Kristy, I just loved her LO and told her that I was going to copy it!!!! So she even found me the paper LOL. Thanks Kristy!! It has no journalling, but I just like it like that. The photo is Ryan and I going to my year 10 reunion.
This is Lil, there is some journalling explaining the story behind this one. Everytime we would visit Scrapsidaisy, the ladies would talk to Lil and she would not answer so they asked her if the cat had her tongue and then she would poke hers out so they could see it!!! One lovely lady, Georgie found this lolly pop and thought of Lil.
This one is a LO of me (and some nieces and a nephew) on my 28th birthday which was last year in october, but I only scrapped the photos not so long ago!!
Here is a LO about Lil on her first day of school, she really likes school and is always trying hard she is determined to get to the 2nd level in home reading. She told me last week she wants to read the level 2 books!! Her teacher said she is a great little student and always does good work.
And the last thing, is a little book I decorated for my favourite recipes that I love to cook, so they are all in one book. I print them out on coloured paper and paste them in as I find them LOL. Notice the cupcake paper on the front. Gives a slight hint about what recipes you might find in my little book!!!
So thats my latest work, hopefully I can get a bit more motivated and do some more to share very soon.
Thanks for looking.

It has been a long time......

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Hi all. Hope you are all well. I am well, just over 3 weeks now until my baby is due. Very excited and also nervous!! Lilli can't wait she is as impatient as me LOL.

I have not done a lot of scrapping lately, but I know I have more new LO's than this to share but I obviously haven't taken any pics of them yet. I will try and do that today, although the weather is not at all nice!!

Anyhow. Here is the birthday card I made for my neice. It was actually inspired by a challenge on the Scrapsidaisy Forum, for copycat cards, but I was a little slow and didn't post it on there (naughty am I) The challenge was to put the persons name on the front of the card.
This is my nephew, he is an absolute grub. But very adorable too!! Just a boy playing in the dirt, what a mess he made though.
So thats probably it for this post, I am going to see if I can find somewhere to take some pics of other LO's so I might surprise you all and do another post later in the day, or maybe tomorrow LOL.
Thanks for looking.