This weeks Copycat Card

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Here is my Copycat Card for this weeks challenge. The challenge was 'to stamp'. I stamped my little white square all over with pink flowers and then stamped the same flower in black over top. Hmmmm, I think I like it.

A couple of Layouts

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I have been busy today (well busy for me) I dont very often get to do two LO's in one day. The first one is Lilli, she had her face painted at Morriset Mega Markets last year and I thought she looked just gorgeous and she can be such a little poser, only when she feels like it though.

And this is my little nephew Eli, he is gorgeous, he is the only boy grandchild, out of the eight grandchildren my mum and dad have!! He is slighty outnumbered. This photo was taken in November, I know, a bit slow aren't I. But I dont scrap in any order, I just prefer to do what I feel like at the time.
So I had a very productive weekend, this weekend. I probably should have weeded the garden though. But I was feeling creative and I had lots of new goodies to play with, like my mm paint and bling words that I bought from Scrapsidaisy on Friday. We did go to the park yesterday and had a play, then we were naughty and had pizza for tea, lol, but it was so yummy I haven't had pizza for months I think. Any way, best go, thanks for stopping by.

My Copycat Card

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Brown, Blue and a Button, that is the challenge for copycat cards this week, and here is my card for the week.

Ummm Not Sure.....

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Sorry couldn't think of a title today lol, very creative I am. I can't believe how fast the weekend goes, soon I will have to go to bed so I can get up for work, how boring lol. I had a sleep over at my sisters house last night cause her hubby and my boyfriend went away fishing for the night so Lil and I stayed out there, and guess what woke me up at 7am..........RAIN. This is photo I took from her front verandah.

Its nice at her house, I like it, nice and peaceful. Except when are 5 girls running around it can a little rowdy.
Here is a LO I done a little while ago but thought I might share anyway, its Lilli (of course). She is so cute, never mind the fact that I'm her mum!! Or that she is being naughty right now. Grrrr.
Any way thats all for today, the cat is harassing me for dinner and Lilli wants a milkshake, best to keep the peace lol.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Happy Valentines Day
Everyone. Hope you all get

My Copycat Card

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This weeks challenge for Copycat Cards was monochromatic +1. Here is my version, all purple.

Been Decorating.

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I went 'Op Shopping' today with my mum and sisters, and I found this little rack of some kind. It cost me 60c, which i thought was a great bargain, I already had images running through my head of what I might do to it when I got home, lol.
So this is how I decorated it, lots of ribbons and flowers. It was easy to do. Please do not laugh too hard at my crooked photography. I thought it turned out very pretty, just the way i had imagined, pretty much! And this is what i will use it for, just the little bottles of things that sit all over my desk, so that maybe it may be a little more organised. Hopefully. You know, thats the plan anyway.

My Copycat Card

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Here is my card for the copycat cards challenge this week. For one of my nephews who turn two this year lol.

Oh My Goodness.......Its The Sun.

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He he he ...... I am just sitting at my computer looking out the back door, and the sun has come out for the first time in days.
I have a sad story (for me), I took my little girl Lilli for a ride on her new bike, I decided that i would take her for a ride around the big block because usually she just rides around the back deck lol. She was doing really well and we were almost home and she had a crash and jammed her thumb between the road and handle bars, her thumb was almost instantly twice the size it normally is and she screamed and screamed, I wasn't allowed to touch it, I was very sad, she just couldn't stop crying. I havent seen it this morning, Lil is still in bed but i am sure it will be very sore today.

Here is a layout I done on the weekend, I don't usaully do this size but i have had an album since before I had a 12x12 so I thought I should do some pages to go in it lol. The photo is Lilli pushing my nephew Eli in a dolly stroller, i think it is so cute. Its about two years old, the photo, but i love it.
Any way by for now, must get ready for work. Oh and my car is still broken, NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!

Not Fixed!!!!!

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The mechanic came to fix my car on friday and it didnt fix!!!!! So another weekend passes with no car, very frustrating. But i did take Lilli to the movies, nanny picked us up and took us. We went and watched the chipmonks, and we baked a cake so we found some thing to amuse ourselves lol. Did a little bit of scrapbooking, oh and we played Barbies :)
This is one of the layouts i done.

Hope This Month is Better

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Well you see about 3 weeks ago someone stole my car at 3.30 in the morning, i heard them start the car so ran outside screaming like a lunatic, but did not stop them, lol. I really didnt think it would but felt better for screaming any way.... I did get my car back minus the back seat (?????? you tell me) and my ashtray because it had change in it, and other than that it was in pretty good shape i was very lucky. But i took it to the mechanic to have a few things 'FIXED' and that afternoon it broke down so i took it back, it didnt do a thing wrong at the mechanic behaved perfectly. so i drove it home, almost didnt make it chugged the last 5 hundred metres home and my car has been there ever since, almost a week, it will not even start!!!!!! Not Happy. Lucky i have lovely neighbours who let me borrow there second car to get to work. But parts should be here this morning, and my car should be fixed today fingers
crossed any way. Surley not much else can go wrong with it this month lol.

Any way just a couple of pics to share with you, the first one is a LO of Lilli's, a photo of her baby cousin Hailea, i cut out the photo in a heart shape for her and helped her stick the dragon fly on, but she done the rest all by herself. She loves to do some scrapping when i do, drives me crazy, but she loves it. The second LO is mine, Lilli, Hailea and Eli (brother and sister), my poor buddy Eli does not look impressed about having to have his photo taken with two girls. Smile buddy its not reallly that bad lol.
Well bye for now i must get ready for work, yay.