I did it!!

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I made it to 5kg!!! Yaaaay Me!! 5.3kg to be exact. I have had the best week this week, I was super good and no alcohol and I have lost 1.6kg. I ate my fruit and drank my water again. Woo Hoo !!!! LOL
 Here is before and after, I can see a difference in my face. Ryan says he can see other changes, but my eyes can't for some reason.
So I am up to 15kg altogether now, including the weight I have lost with Weight Watchers. If I compare this after photo with my "fat" photo, I can see a big change!!
I would really like to thank Karen and Nerrida at 5kg Scrappers Challenge, for the inspiration and also the other ladies who are participating. I'm too excited to wait and see what the little assignment is for this week, but I may come back and edit this post when it's up!!

Weigh - In Wednesday already!!

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Wow the weeks go fast!!
I have been working hard this week too. I have lost 800g woo hoo!! I did stick to my mini goals I ate 2 pieces of fruit per day and I had at least 6 glasses of water everyday, a couple of days I made it to 8, but it's much better than I have been. I exercised everyday!! So my total loss is 3.7kg. I did do something that I wish I hadn't though!! I had four cans of rum on Friday night, this took me waaaaay over my daily points allowance on the Weight Watchers program. I had good intentions, I was just going to have 2, but I ♥ Rum!! LOL I did do some extra exercise to try and make up for it though.
 And this is just because I was so proud of myself, I ran 20 mins non stop on the tread mill and worked up a sweat that I was proud of LMAO!! I said to Ryan "can you take a photo of my sweat" and he just looked at me like a nutcase, but he did it cause he loves me. I was going to stop at 10 mins but I just kept on going until I couldn't run anymore and then I walked for 10 mins, I felt good!! 
I hope your weeks have been fabulous too!! Sorry no scrapping to share this week, I'm working on it though :)
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I've been scrapping.......and my weekly weigh -in.

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 I was very happy with the fact that I have completed 2 LO's over the weekend. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a major achievement for me LOL. Lately I have been lucky to get 1 done a week, I don't know what came over me!! But anyways, the first one is about our dog, well his teddy actually. I got the LO idea for this one from my friends Jules, I used one of the Kaiser texture stamps (grunge, I think it was) and some paint on the background, then sewed around it making a frame, sort of.  I like it! I used MME, Fine and Dandy, PP. Some buttons and for the title I used Thickers and also my cricut.
And this one is little Lara playing peek a boo.  Such a cutie!! I used Kaiser, Magic Happens 6 x6 Paper pad on this LO. Purple again Yaaay!! I also used some of there paper roses and bling, some Prima flowers, Thickers for the title and some Glimmermist.
And because it's "Weight Loss Wednesday" here is my weight for this week. That's minus 500gms Yaaay!! A total of 2.9 now. It's coming off slowly....but it's coming off that's the main thing!!
This week at the 5kg Scrappers Challenge we are setting mini goals. I am setting 3 goals in 1, LOL, just little ones. But I would like to lose at least 500gms again next week so to get to that goal I am going to eat 2 pieces of fruit a day and make sure I have 6-8 glasses of water per day. I know I didn't do enough of either of these this week.
I hope any one participating has had a good week too.
Take care and thanks for stopping by.
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One Month Already!!

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Wow that has gone really fast! It's been a month since I started the 5kg scrappers challenge. This week I have lost 800g so that brings my total to 2.4kg, nearly halfway!! I am really excited to be in the 80's instead of 90 something too.
So we have a little assignment this week, to print out a photo of the "Old You" or  a before photo, and stick it to the fridge to remind yourself of how far you have come and what you don't want to be anymore! I am going to post mine here as well. It's a little blurry, that's Ryan's awesome photography skills LOL This was taken In December 2009 when I was at my biggest.
How did I get overweight?? Well this time I can't even blame having a baby because I weighed less when I had her than I did when I fell. I had gestational diabetes and had no choice but to eat well and lost weight instead of gaining.  But I have always been, well, chubby I guess. I have lost weight before but then just put it back on, a couple of times actually. I put back on about 15 kg after I had  Lara, just doing the wrong things!! I was 89kg when I had her and went all the way back up to 103! I would have takeaway a couple of times a week, I would eat whatever I wanted really and whenever, even if i wasn't hungry I would just eat because I like food. I didn't exercise alot, I would walk to the bus stop with Lil, but that was about it. When I got to 103kg I decided that enough is enough and I would not let myself get to 105kg. So it's been a slow process but I am almost back to baby Lara weight, but I am going to get to my goal weight this time and stay there!!
I really liked this quote that they shared over at The 5kg Scrappers Challenge . There is hints, tips and motivation there if you need some too :)

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Oops...and a LO

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I did not have a good week on the weight loss front this week :( I had a little gain of 100 grams, but I went away for the weekend, an 18th birthday and an engagement party!! So my food choices were not good, too many yummy nibblies, and I don't think I done enough exercise. But it's all good I am back to it now, I want to win one of these yummy prizes!!
 Here is my latest LO, I actually used the sketch that was this months challenge at Scrap The Girls, but I didn't quite get it done on time to enter it. I have used Echo Park, Little Girl PP, some ZVA bling (from Scrapsidaisy) and a little bit of lace. I really love this PP, it's got purple in it!! I'm a bit of a purple fan LOL
Ok, that's all I've got. I hope everyone participating in the 5kg challenge has had a good week. Happy Scrapping everyone :)
Thanks for looking
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