Where is the Sunshine!!!!!!

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Hi there, How are you going, I hope somebody is getting some sun shine. The weather here is just plain miserable!!!!!! The sun hasn't been out for ages! LOL. You know I actually like rain just not 5 days straight!
Anyway enough about the weather, I have done a few new layouts. The first one was for a challenge on the Scrapsidaisy Forum, I think I am only about 5 behind everyone else now LOL.

And this one is of Lil doing what she does best, sleeping. I think she will be one of those kids that are hard to get out of bed in the morning LOL. And a quick thankyou to Jules for cutting out my title on her new machine LOL, it is awsome!!!
Thats about it, I am off to Scrapsidaisy this afternoon for some scrapping so maybe I will have something new to show soon. I best go and pick up The Princess from pre-school first though.
Thanks for looking

I am Still Here!!

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Hi Everyone, I am still here, still alive and kicking LOL. I have been very busy, but not doing fun stuff LOL.
I have had an open house and so I spent the whole of last weekend weeding gardens (that really needed doing anyway) and tidying up bits and pieces in the house that don't always get done. I got the car bogged in the back yard, It had another trip to the mechanic and (fingers crossed) I haven't had any trouble since (praying that I dont jinx myself)
And I spent all day yesterday and today doing stocktake at work. Yaaaaay!!!!!
So anyway since it's a long weekend I still get tomorrow off and I am going to SLEEP IN!!!!!!!

I have done a little creating, I have been to Scrapsidaisy on Tuesday night for some scrap therapy LOL. It seems to be the only place I get any done lately.
The first page is my beautiful girl, she is so cool in her goggles and bikini!!!!
These photos are from Chrissy last year, Lil got a new double pram and a new baby boy doll, she wanted to take them for a walk almost straight away LOL. This page was a challenge over on the Scrapsidaisy Forum, It's always good to have a little inspiration!
And I think thats about all for now. Hopefully it will not be so long until my next post LOL.
Bye for now and thanks for looking!!