I was trying to be clever.................

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And make my blog a little prettier, but in the process have lost my links. I will fix it, just not now cause it is past my bedtime LOL. It looks good but, doesn't it........

Ok Ok Time For a New Post

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I thought I should update my blog because my friends tell me I am naughty for not updating it (HI KRISTY) LOL. I have done some scrapping, made a card for the copycat cards challenge and some other stuff but I wont post it all LOL.

My first Layout is a challenge on the Scrapsidaisy Forum and it's only about ummmm 4 weeks behind everyone else!!!!

This one is of Lil, she made herself and me out of playdough and then had to have a photo taken, I thought it was very cute and just had to scrap it!!

This is my beautiful goldfish, Sharkbait, you know after nemo!!!

Another of Lil, she is so cute.......

and last but not least my Copycat Card for this weeks challenge. This week we had to use beads. I have used micro beads and dimentional magic on my flowers I love the way the turned out, although it's probably a little hard to see in the photo.
So thats some of the things I have been doing lately.
I also entered some of my scrapping in the local show and I won a prize for the most successful exhibitor!!!! I was very excited about that!!
Also last night we had a 'girls night in' at Scrapsidaisy to raise money for breast cancer research, it was a fun night and for a very good cause and we reached our fundraising target YAAAAAY for us!!!!!
And thats about it, thanks for looking, even though I am hopeless at updating LMAO!!!!!!