Merry Christmas all!!!

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Wow!! The year has just passed on by!! I am excited it's Christmas, I love the holidays!!
Anyhow just thought I should update my blog just one last time this year, because I am sure I won't get to do it again before 2010!! I haven't done alot of scrapping but here are a few pages that I haven't shared.
No.1 is my little girl Lara with Grandpa. I love theses October afternoon papers they are gorgeous!

Next up, a LO that has been finished since before I had Lara. LMAO Oh dear!! Lilli on her birthday last year! She has since turned 6!

And Lilli and Lara having snuggles! This one was a challenge for Scrapsidaisy!

So thats about it for this year!! I will try to be a better blogger next year, but no promises!!! Take care.

Another Challenge Complete and On Time!!!

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A couple more pages to share, the first one was a challenge over on the Scrapsidaisy Forum. You see I usually don't get them done on time, but I have been on a bit of a roll and this one was complete with time to spare lol. The challenge was to do a wedding LO. It had to include, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. So I used some old rubons for the title, some new Glimmermist (pearl) that I absolutely love, I borrowed the photo off my sister and I also borrowed the page LO off Jules, and just some blue paper and a flower for the last bit!
This one is Lara, in her little green all-in-one suit. I love green and we called her a little frog when she had it on. (it's too small for her already) That's how the page got it's name!! I love frogs too!!!
I am working on some more new stuff, so I will be back soon to share some more. Thanks for looking.

Two New Pages

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Just two new pages to share today. The first one I started a little while ago, and just found all the bits still together in a storage thingy (LOL). So I finished it off over the weekend but have only just loaded up the photos. I absolutely love the sparkly 'thickers' they are gorgeous!!! and a bit of bling on there too. This is my neice...
I have used the new My Minds Eye papers for the next one. I do find it hard to use this kind of PP, But I am quite happy with this page. It looks quite simple but actually took me a long time to finish. I love the papers they are beautiful and I still have plenty left for more pages. I must say I really didn't want to cut them, but thats how I end up with piles of PP that I haven't used (LOL) So I just did it!!!!
That's about all from me today. I am loving the warmer weather, it is great, but I am sure I will be complaining about it soon!!
Take Care

Just One.....

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.... New page, thats is, and also a couple of cards. So here is my page, I have used Basic Grey Lemonade papers, I love them, I think they are beauitful!! The photo was taken the day after I had baby Lara. Me and my gorgeous girls!! I am lucky.
And I can show these cards now I have given them to the girls I made them for!! Just some Thank You cards, for the wonderful gifts I received when I had Lara.

I used my cuttlebug for every card here, with the nesties on most of them although the top one has a cuttlebug flower on it. I need to use it more often!!
I think I am done for this post, I will be back when I have something else to share.
Bye for now.

September Already!!

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OMG!! Can you believe it is September already?? The year is just going by way too quick for me!! My baby girl is already 10 weeks old. And dare I say it, christmas is just around the corner.

But anyhow, I have a new LO to share, just one. lol. Actually the photo is from christmas last year. This was another August challenge from the Scrapsidaisy Forum. It was to do a predominately(?) green page. I found these papers in my stash. I didn't buy anything new for this LO, very pleased with myself.....
Don't mind the crooked paper ribbon up the top, it's supposed to be like that ;0)
I do have some cards that I made a few weeks back, I will share them soon.

So thats all I have to share today, I will be back soon hopefully.

A layout and some cuteness

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Another new layout to share, another challenge over on the Scrapsidaisy forum. This one was to use at least eight elements, cardstock, pp, and six other things. So I have used bling, flowers, brads, lace, stickers and button. I like the way it turned out. Not the most flattering photo of us, Lilli took it one morning, me still in my jammies and Ryan is still actually in bed!!! But I do love it.
And how 'bout this for cute. Some gorgeous little shoes/slippers for Lara, from a wonderful friend, thanks Jules :) I think the are just adorable. I found out yesterday that little Lara has reflux which would explain alot of the screaming she has been doing!! It was really quite upsetting, the poor thing would scream for hours and I couldn't figure it out and felt a bit useless, but hopefully it should settle down a bit now.

Anyhow thats it for tonight, must be my bedtime LOL.

Some New Layouts

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Hi there. Just some new pages to share.
This one is our new princess, Lara. My first LO of her all by herself!!
And our new family photo, I used the new october afternoon papers for both of these LO's. I just love the stripes!! I did scraplift this one. I found it here. I found some inspiration on this blog, just beautiful!!!
And this LO was for one of the monthly challenges over on the Scrapsidaisy Forum. It was to create a LO with a title that started with the letter 'A'. And Lilli does absolutely adore her new baby sister.
So thats my new stuff, I have been trying to get some more scrapping done, but it seems like I get the stuff done that has to be done (i.e. housework etc.) then I sit down to do some and I get a visitor or Lara wakes up or the phone rings!!!! and some days I just get stuck playing on the net. I just get little bits done here and there.
So anyway, thats all for now.

A New Baby Girl!!

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Well since my last post I have had my baby, Lara, she was born on the 6th of July. Lilli was very happy that she got a baby sister and she loves her to bits!!! This photo was taken the day after she was born.
Here she is, I love her hair she has so much of it!! She is such a good baby, well most of the time LOL. I think they all have their moments.....
I don't have any scrapping to show at the moment, I have done a couple of pages but haven't taken photos yet.
Thats about it for today. A new baby and her big sister!!

Back Already!!!!

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Well there is not a great deal else to do on a wet, cold winters day. Except play on the computer.
So here are my other LO's that I am pretty sure I haven't shared yet. The first LO I totally stole from the very clever Kristy, I just loved her LO and told her that I was going to copy it!!!! So she even found me the paper LOL. Thanks Kristy!! It has no journalling, but I just like it like that. The photo is Ryan and I going to my year 10 reunion.
This is Lil, there is some journalling explaining the story behind this one. Everytime we would visit Scrapsidaisy, the ladies would talk to Lil and she would not answer so they asked her if the cat had her tongue and then she would poke hers out so they could see it!!! One lovely lady, Georgie found this lolly pop and thought of Lil.
This one is a LO of me (and some nieces and a nephew) on my 28th birthday which was last year in october, but I only scrapped the photos not so long ago!!
Here is a LO about Lil on her first day of school, she really likes school and is always trying hard she is determined to get to the 2nd level in home reading. She told me last week she wants to read the level 2 books!! Her teacher said she is a great little student and always does good work.
And the last thing, is a little book I decorated for my favourite recipes that I love to cook, so they are all in one book. I print them out on coloured paper and paste them in as I find them LOL. Notice the cupcake paper on the front. Gives a slight hint about what recipes you might find in my little book!!!
So thats my latest work, hopefully I can get a bit more motivated and do some more to share very soon.
Thanks for looking.

It has been a long time......

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Hi all. Hope you are all well. I am well, just over 3 weeks now until my baby is due. Very excited and also nervous!! Lilli can't wait she is as impatient as me LOL.

I have not done a lot of scrapping lately, but I know I have more new LO's than this to share but I obviously haven't taken any pics of them yet. I will try and do that today, although the weather is not at all nice!!

Anyhow. Here is the birthday card I made for my neice. It was actually inspired by a challenge on the Scrapsidaisy Forum, for copycat cards, but I was a little slow and didn't post it on there (naughty am I) The challenge was to put the persons name on the front of the card.
This is my nephew, he is an absolute grub. But very adorable too!! Just a boy playing in the dirt, what a mess he made though.
So thats probably it for this post, I am going to see if I can find somewhere to take some pics of other LO's so I might surprise you all and do another post later in the day, or maybe tomorrow LOL.
Thanks for looking.

I am Back !!

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Hi there, Hope all is well where ever you are. I am good, I have moved house, got my computer back up and running properly, so I thought I should have an update.
I still have not done alot of scrapping, I have made a few cards to share and also a layout. But first my cards, because I still can't figure out which order they upload in!!!
A couple of thankyou cards for the people who helped me move house, I have made a few more thank you cards but did not get to photograph them.
A birthday card for my SIL, I bought some new stamps and had to have a test run, they are so cute, little cupcakes.
Here is a layout I done a week or two ago, my sister come around for the day and we scrapped. It was nice, I hadn't done a LO since I moved house. I also went out to Scrapsidaisy on Tuesday night and scrapped but I haven't loaded the photos on the puter yet!! You can't actually see faces on the photos on this LO, but it is my neices and Lil running and jumping in the pool making splashes, which is where the title came from!!!
And the last photo (which was supposed to be first!!) is my gorgeous girl, she received a special manners award at school, for always using her lovely manners, I think is what it says. I was very proud that she uses her manners because you know sometimes you don't hear them use them at home and wonder if they are actually listening when you tell them to say please or thankyou LOL.....
So thats about all my news at the moment, I am now 25 weeks pregnant and the weeks seem to be flying by, I am sure they will feel like they are dragging on the bigger I get LOL.
Thanks for looking.

My Big School Girl

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Ok, so I am a little late with these photos, but I would still like to share them. This is Lil on her first day of school, she is so cute in her uniform......She was such a good girl on her first day. This week is the first week she will be staying all day though, the kindys finish at 1.30pm for the first month.
A close up.....
So that was an exciting day for us. I have more exciting news. I am having another baby, due in July. Lil is looking forward to being a big sister and has already showed me how she can change her dolls nappy and all in one suit...... so she will be able to change it's bum. LOL
And just a little bit of something I have created, obviously a little while ago, but anyhow. I remember reading the quote at my auntys house years ago and now it just seems appropriate for mine LOL. I know I said I had some LO's in my last post but I haven't taken photos yet, and I am moving house. So maybe next time.......
So thats about it for now, thanks for looking (if you still look) Oh and it's autumn now YAAAAAY. I really can't wait for it to be cool!!! I love to snuggle........

About Time........I Know!!!!

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Hi there Everyone, So I know this update was an extremely long time coming, but it's done now LOL, Thanks to some lovely friends who really thought it was time :0)).....

I had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I have done a few Layout's about Chrissy, we had a challenge over on the Scrapsidaisy forum. It was to complete 3 Christmas LO's in January, I think I completed it with about 3 days to spare!!!! Haven't started on the challenge for Feb. yet!!! So here are my layout's

Lil had a photo with Santa all by herself this year, I was relieved that I did not have to sit up there as well.
Here is Ryan and Lil on Chrissy morning, amongst all the paper and presents...
So I have some other news!! Lil has started big school (kindergarten), she seems to love it. We haven't had any complaints yet, except she got a little tired by the end of the first full week and didn't want to get out of bed on Friday morning. But there were no tears from either of us LOL.
I forgot to put on a photo, but I will try to upload one soon.
I just wanted to say that I am thinking about all the poor people in Victoria, who have lost homes and also alot of lives, in the bushfires. It must be devasting, it is hard to even imagine what they are going through...
That's about all for now I do have a few other LO's to share, but I will save them for another day, a bit sooner this time. I will try not to wait 2 months before my next post LOL :0)