It has been a long time......

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Hi all. Hope you are all well. I am well, just over 3 weeks now until my baby is due. Very excited and also nervous!! Lilli can't wait she is as impatient as me LOL.

I have not done a lot of scrapping lately, but I know I have more new LO's than this to share but I obviously haven't taken any pics of them yet. I will try and do that today, although the weather is not at all nice!!

Anyhow. Here is the birthday card I made for my neice. It was actually inspired by a challenge on the Scrapsidaisy Forum, for copycat cards, but I was a little slow and didn't post it on there (naughty am I) The challenge was to put the persons name on the front of the card.
This is my nephew, he is an absolute grub. But very adorable too!! Just a boy playing in the dirt, what a mess he made though.
So thats probably it for this post, I am going to see if I can find somewhere to take some pics of other LO's so I might surprise you all and do another post later in the day, or maybe tomorrow LOL.
Thanks for looking.


suzitee said...

How fast has that time gone Beckie?!? Wow, not long to go now. Hope you are well and enjoying the last few weeks as a Mum-to-one!
Love your card and LO, and look forward to seeing your other ones :)