Better Late Than Never......

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My Copycat Card that is. LOL. This week over at Copycat Cards the challenge was 'its hip to be square' so nothing round ( I'm hoping letters are allowed) no brads, no flowers not even round corners. So here is the card i made, a birthday card for my dad, very square i thought lol.
I also made this card for a little girl who turned two, Lilli went to her birthday party on Saturday. Maybe if you look at the bigger picture you can see the kindy glitz on the butterflies, i thought they were very cute, if i do say so myself!!!
I am still working on the princess castle, i had to get some photos printed over the weekend. So i did that now i just need to stick them in lol.
Thanks for looking!

Two in one day!!

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And thats because my lovely SBS sister Bee, gave me this cute you make my day award. Thanks again Bee!!
I will pass this award onto more friends.....
Kakie - Jules - Mel - Rima - Gayle

Some new layouts.

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Here a few new LO's that i have done this week, the first one is for a challenge that we do over on the Srcapsidaisy Forum. This is week 2 challenge, even though i think everyone else is up to week 3 LOL. I absolutlely love the photos (as the journalling says) and for a long time i just couldnt cut them up because they were taken with film, not digital, so i was a bit worried about it, but in the end i scanned them first then scrapped them.
And this LO is my beautiful neice, Emily, such a little poser.
And i have also started my princess castle that i bought as a kit from Scrapsidaisy almost a month ago now, i will definately show you when its done.
Thats about all for now, thanks for looking.

I am Back !!

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Just thought i should say that i did make it home from camping ok. We had a lovely Easter, hope you all did too.We had a great weekend camping, it only rained on friday and saturday night, the days were quite nice. I think i have about 10 loads of washing to do now though lol. The worst thing about going away is coming home and unpacking. I have managed to get some scrapping done since then, but i havent had a chance to photograph it yet, hopefully tomorrow. Any how thats all for now, be back soon.

Some Easter Goodies.......

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I made these cute little Easter baskets this year, for my nieces and nephews, they do have eggs in them but you cant see them very well. I must say that i always find it harder to decorate boy things than girly things, but i think they turned out alright.
And My Copycat Card for the week, this weeks challenge was " be creative" with your words and title instead of plan old happy birthday, i do love to put blue and pink together!!!!
So any way thats about all from me today, i am off camping some time this morning, not going far, just to farquar park out near Old Bar, but should be lots of fun.
Wishing you all a very Happy and Safe Easter (Drive carefully !!!!)
Thanks for looking, be back next week!

A Great Night!!!!

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OK so i have posted the photos in the wrong order, and i dont know if i can fix that! But anyhow, on saturday night we went to my sister Katie and SIL Tammy's 21st birthday party, it was such a great night, we had soooooo much fun. I think i said before that we had to go dressed as a clown, oh my goodness, that was so extremely funny. So here are a few photos from the party.
Photo No 1, The birthday girs blowing out their candles, the make up didnt last very long really, it was washed off by the cake stage.
LMAO, Photo No 2, another sister Ange, and Myself, (yes thats me with the face paint) I was a fluro clown.
Photo No 3, and this was supposed to be the first photo, katie and tam (in the middle at the back katie on the left tam on the right) with a couple of friends.
We had an excellent night and before i knew it, it was 4am!!!! So i decided it was bedtime lol.
Needless to say i have done no scrapping over the weekend because i spent sunday afternoon trying to catch up on some sleep LOL, and went to bed so extremely early sunday night, then back to work yesterday, but i have started a new page this arvo so i might have something to post tomorrow!!
Thats all for today, Thanks for stopping by.

My Copycat Card

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Yay I did make one this week!!!! The challenge this week for Copycat Cards was to make a get well card. I even coloured in the bunch of flowers myself (a little out of the lines so dont look toooo close lol)
So thats about all really, not much to say just been working this week. Very exciting, my life.
Looking forward to the party on the weekend, then I am sure I will have other news to share!!

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers-14

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Hi Everyone, I have just joined the Sisterhood of the Blogging stampers and I am the newest member of the sisterhood 14 (I think), I am from Australia and I have one little girl who is 4. Look forward to stopping by to visit your blogs, and making some new blogging friends.

Just a couple of new creations.

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This is a LO of my very cute neice, more bling and glitter, I love it lol. What little girl doesn't love it?
These are HUGE badges (well they are about 10cm) that you can decorate yourself, I made these for my Sister and SIL for their party on the weekend, so girls if you are reading "SURPRISE" I made you some badges lol.
I took Lil to the doctor on Monday, he doesnt think her nose is broken, the swelling has gone down alot, but she still has a black eye, she has been so brave and she says it doesnt hurt.
She is a good girl (you know, most of the time lol).
Thanks for looking at my blog.

It's Been a Long Week.

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I didn't even get to make my copycat cards this week!! But anyway, they came to take the photos of my house for the real estate, so thats done. Just have to wait until they start showing people through now. Also my little princess had an accident on Thursday, she was running down the drive way and tripped and hit her face on the back of the car, there was blood everywhere coming out her mouth and her nose, I was just a mess, I couldn't think what to do!!! My lovely neighbour drove us to the hospital cause she had a big cut under her nostril, the doctors glued it back together rather than stitch it. Her poor little face is so swollen and she has a black eye, very very sad!!!!!
So any way on Saturday I went to a card and scrap day that the lovely ladies from Scrapsidaisy organised, I made this lovely set of Easter cards LOOK AT MY CHICKEN!!!! isnt it cute!! lol

I had a great day, I also made another card but I gave it away before I took photos, I also done this LO of my neice Hailea. Which is alot more glittery IRL

Then I came home and was so inspired that I made two more cards, sorry gave them away before photos too lol, one was a birthday card for the neighbour and the other was for my friends baby shower that I went to yesterday. So I had busy day Saturday it was great. I also done some sewing yesterday after the baby shower, I made my SIL a skirt for her birthday party on saturday, the theme is clowns, so i should have some great photos to post of that night. Anyway best get ready for work, Thanks for stopping by.