A Great Night!!!!

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OK so i have posted the photos in the wrong order, and i dont know if i can fix that! But anyhow, on saturday night we went to my sister Katie and SIL Tammy's 21st birthday party, it was such a great night, we had soooooo much fun. I think i said before that we had to go dressed as a clown, oh my goodness, that was so extremely funny. So here are a few photos from the party.
Photo No 1, The birthday girs blowing out their candles, the make up didnt last very long really, it was washed off by the cake stage.
LMAO, Photo No 2, another sister Ange, and Myself, (yes thats me with the face paint) I was a fluro clown.
Photo No 3, and this was supposed to be the first photo, katie and tam (in the middle at the back katie on the left tam on the right) with a couple of friends.
We had an excellent night and before i knew it, it was 4am!!!! So i decided it was bedtime lol.
Needless to say i have done no scrapping over the weekend because i spent sunday afternoon trying to catch up on some sleep LOL, and went to bed so extremely early sunday night, then back to work yesterday, but i have started a new page this arvo so i might have something to post tomorrow!!
Thats all for today, Thanks for stopping by.


Stampvamp said...

Hahahaha...looks like ya'll had a blast!

melanie said...

Looks like a great party

Alexandra said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and trying out for the blog candy. Your pics are very cute - hope you stop by again! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex