Going... Going.....

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another kilo (and a little) gone!!
I lost 1.1kg this week. A total if 1.7kg so far, Yaaaaaay!! I have been sticking to my Weight Watchers daily pro points total. I have walked alot, on my treadmill and outside too. I did have a little splurge on the weekend, I had BBQ chicken and hot chips, I did have them with salad so I didn't have a big serve, but it was yummy.
I hope everyone joining in has had a good week too!!
I am going to share my favourite dessert this week. I have a Peters Light and Creamy ice cream slice (2 pro porints, sorry I don't know calories) then top it with banana and diet chocolate topping (both point free) This has replaced what I used to eat after dinner. I would have 3 weetbix with full cream milk and a few teaspoons of sugar :O That was naughty. But that's a habit that I have stopped now.
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Some School LO's

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I have already shared the Kindergarten LO before, but I just recently made the pocket to go with it. It holds all the certificates, reports and other bits and pieces that she got that year.
 And this is last years photo, that I only just scrapped......Whoops :)  But anyways, I
am ready to scrap this years and they haven't even been taken yet. LOL I still need to find a nice album to put these in.
And this was just a $2 note pad that I wanted to make pretty, I am going to put a 'title' on it but I'm not sure what yet. I love to decorate these and give them to people as little gifts with a pretty pen or something. Or even just keep them LOL
That's my scrappy share for the day, hope you are all having a good weekend!!
Thanks for looking :)
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It's going the right way!!

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Well the first week of the 5kg challenge is over and I have lost 600g Woo hoo. I didn't get off to the best start at the beginning of the week, but I got straight back on the 'wagon' and have had a loss, so I am happy with that!!
I got my new treadmill on Sunday and have been giving it a workout!! Yesterday I was actually jogging on it. I would walk for 2 mins then jog for 2 mins, I done this for half an hour, I felt great afterwards!!
I hope everyone else who has joined in has had a great first week!!
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Some new stuff to share..

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Finally I have some new pages to share, it feels like I haven't scrapped for ages. I have though, it just been a slow process lately. I did however get the Scrapsidaisy challenge for February done in a day though, was very proud of that effort LOL. The challenge this month was to create your own background! I have used a couple of different techniques. First I stamped and embossed on the CS (it's a little hard to see in the pic cause it's white) then I sprayed some paint over top, and then stamped as well. Good fun!! I used some Echo Park, Little Girl PP on there, ZVA bling and I cut the title with my cricut! 
 I went to Scrapsidaisy on Tuesday and done this class, super cute I think!!
 This is a little project I made for my niece. It's one of those clear CD protectors that come on the spools, but anyways you could use an old CD too. Just a little something pretty to hang in her room. I used some older Kaiser PP's, some Prima flowers and Thickers.

That's all for this post, but I have just remembered a couple of other things I haven't shown you yet, I haven't taken pics of them so I will do that in the next day or two and be back soon.
Have scrappy weekend!!
Thanks for looking.
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A different kind of challenge!!

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So I have decided to join in this challenge!!
Karen and Nerrida (both very talented scrappers) have created this challenge for anyone who thinks they could benefit from losing 5 kilos, with some great scrappy prizes up for grabs too. I am currently trying to lose weight and think it is excellent motivation and I think it will be great to have some support as well!!

So this is my weight this morning, 1st of February. I have already lost 10 kg with Weight Watchers, so I am going to lose my 5 kg by sticking to my daily points allowance and exercising for at least 30 mins for 5 days of the week.
The challenge starts on the 7th of February.
Do you have 5 Kilos to lose?? You can join in here!!

Just updating my weight, our challenge starts today. This is what I weighed this morning 7th of February! Time to kiss those 5kgs goodbye :)