Some School LO's

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I have already shared the Kindergarten LO before, but I just recently made the pocket to go with it. It holds all the certificates, reports and other bits and pieces that she got that year.
 And this is last years photo, that I only just scrapped......Whoops :)  But anyways, I
am ready to scrap this years and they haven't even been taken yet. LOL I still need to find a nice album to put these in.
And this was just a $2 note pad that I wanted to make pretty, I am going to put a 'title' on it but I'm not sure what yet. I love to decorate these and give them to people as little gifts with a pretty pen or something. Or even just keep them LOL
That's my scrappy share for the day, hope you are all having a good weekend!!
Thanks for looking :)
Beckie ♥


suzitee said...

Lovely job Beckie! The school ones are often the hardest LOs to get done (I find, anyway)'re off to a great start!