A different kind of challenge!!

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So I have decided to join in this challenge!!
Karen and Nerrida (both very talented scrappers) have created this challenge for anyone who thinks they could benefit from losing 5 kilos, with some great scrappy prizes up for grabs too. I am currently trying to lose weight and think it is excellent motivation and I think it will be great to have some support as well!!

So this is my weight this morning, 1st of February. I have already lost 10 kg with Weight Watchers, so I am going to lose my 5 kg by sticking to my daily points allowance and exercising for at least 30 mins for 5 days of the week.
The challenge starts on the 7th of February.
Do you have 5 Kilos to lose?? You can join in here!!

Just updating my weight, our challenge starts today. This is what I weighed this morning 7th of February! Time to kiss those 5kgs goodbye :)


Nerrida said...

Fantastic Beckie - it great to see you joining in with us. 10 kilos lost already - congratualtions!

Karen Shady said...

WOW, you have done such a great job alrady... 10 kg is fantastic.... congrats Beckie... Im so glad you are going to join us... we can do this...

Dale Tiernan said...

Great effort on already losing 10kg. Stick with it and best of luck.