It's going the right way!!

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Well the first week of the 5kg challenge is over and I have lost 600g Woo hoo. I didn't get off to the best start at the beginning of the week, but I got straight back on the 'wagon' and have had a loss, so I am happy with that!!
I got my new treadmill on Sunday and have been giving it a workout!! Yesterday I was actually jogging on it. I would walk for 2 mins then jog for 2 mins, I done this for half an hour, I felt great afterwards!!
I hope everyone else who has joined in has had a great first week!!
Beckie ♥


Nelbel said...

Way to go Beck-star!!!

Nerrida said...

Oh my goodness - you can run? I can't (LOL). great work!

Karen Shady said...

YAY Beckie !!!! way to go girl.. Fabulous effort on the treadmill... RUNNING !! OMG, I think I would die atm :)