One Month Already!!

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Wow that has gone really fast! It's been a month since I started the 5kg scrappers challenge. This week I have lost 800g so that brings my total to 2.4kg, nearly halfway!! I am really excited to be in the 80's instead of 90 something too.
So we have a little assignment this week, to print out a photo of the "Old You" or  a before photo, and stick it to the fridge to remind yourself of how far you have come and what you don't want to be anymore! I am going to post mine here as well. It's a little blurry, that's Ryan's awesome photography skills LOL This was taken In December 2009 when I was at my biggest.
How did I get overweight?? Well this time I can't even blame having a baby because I weighed less when I had her than I did when I fell. I had gestational diabetes and had no choice but to eat well and lost weight instead of gaining.  But I have always been, well, chubby I guess. I have lost weight before but then just put it back on, a couple of times actually. I put back on about 15 kg after I had  Lara, just doing the wrong things!! I was 89kg when I had her and went all the way back up to 103! I would have takeaway a couple of times a week, I would eat whatever I wanted really and whenever, even if i wasn't hungry I would just eat because I like food. I didn't exercise alot, I would walk to the bus stop with Lil, but that was about it. When I got to 103kg I decided that enough is enough and I would not let myself get to 105kg. So it's been a slow process but I am almost back to baby Lara weight, but I am going to get to my goal weight this time and stay there!!
I really liked this quote that they shared over at The 5kg Scrappers Challenge . There is hints, tips and motivation there if you need some too :)

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Beckie ♥


Nerrida said...

Wowo Beckie - well first congratualtions on getting down into the 80s!!!! Woohoo. I know how you feel about losing that weight - we have lost pretty much the same amount each & there's something about getting into a new set of numbers. Now to stay there.... Your comments about how you got there are so important and I hope they help you down the track. I can't WAIT too see a new photo of the new you soon!

suzitee said...

Well done Beckie! Losing weight is never easy...but putting it on sure is. Hope you reach your goal soon :)

Karen Shady said...

WAY TO GO BEC !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 80's is so much nicer sounding. I know when I got there I was soooo excited... so proud of you :) xx