Weigh - In Wednesday already!!

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Wow the weeks go fast!!
I have been working hard this week too. I have lost 800g woo hoo!! I did stick to my mini goals I ate 2 pieces of fruit per day and I had at least 6 glasses of water everyday, a couple of days I made it to 8, but it's much better than I have been. I exercised everyday!! So my total loss is 3.7kg. I did do something that I wish I hadn't though!! I had four cans of rum on Friday night, this took me waaaaay over my daily points allowance on the Weight Watchers program. I had good intentions, I was just going to have 2, but I ♥ Rum!! LOL I did do some extra exercise to try and make up for it though.
 And this is just because I was so proud of myself, I ran 20 mins non stop on the tread mill and worked up a sweat that I was proud of LMAO!! I said to Ryan "can you take a photo of my sweat" and he just looked at me like a nutcase, but he did it cause he loves me. I was going to stop at 10 mins but I just kept on going until I couldn't run anymore and then I walked for 10 mins, I felt good!! 
I hope your weeks have been fabulous too!! Sorry no scrapping to share this week, I'm working on it though :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Beckie ♥


Anonymous said...

Hey Beckie thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog, woohoo to you losing the same as me! i love that you got your hubby to take a pic of you and your sweat thats a classic, and you are looking great keep it up and i will see you next week xx

Karen Shady said...

LOL !!!!!!!!!! taking a photo of your sweat cracked me up totally!! WTG girl, you are doing soooo great :) only 1.3 till you et to 5kg !!! keep up the great work x

Nay and Gilly said...

ur sweaty pic is awesome!!! lol!!! WTG on ur loss!! U are doing it and a little splurge (rum) is ok now and then!!
Luv Renee

Nerrida said...

I'm laughing too Beckie - that is so funny. You know you DO look pretty darn good there in those photos. I think you must be fitter than me. What a fabulous week you've had. Maybe you are going to be our 2nd prize winner???

Just curious - what has run got in it. I know beer has yeast which is very addictive and affects the liver quite badly so I was wondering about rum? I used to drink a little bit but have given it up now - had too.

Nerrida said...

Sorry - that should have said RUM, not run (silly me).

Beckie said...

Haha I knew what you meant. It's made form the leftovers of sugarcane after they make the sugar :/ I Think. I shall google it LOL

Beckie said...

Yep that's what it is and it is actually Molasses!! That I didn't know LOL