A Few New Things

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Hi there Everyone. Wow I have managed 2 posts in a month YAY...... lol.
Anyhow, here are a few of the things I have made.

My first little creation is a photo frame... It is a 'funky frame' by kaiser, I got them from my LSS, Scrapsidaisy, they come in a 3 pack and you can build and decorate them yourself. I have only made this one so far.
A few more Christmas cards... Wow it is getting so close, I love Christmas!!!!!!
I made this little box at my LSS, it was a class I did last week, and also some cards with the leftover scraps, I love the box, I think I might fill it with Lollies to put on my table for Chrissy.
So there you go, thats about it, that I have photos of anyway.
Oh and I am excited because I am going to another class by Kim Archer at Scrapsidaisy on the weekend, should be loads of fun, the sneak peaks look awesome!!!
Bye for now, thanks for looking........

Something New Already!!!!

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Hi again.
I think I have fixed up all my links and stuff, it was not as big a job as I imagined LOL.
Anyhow, here are my first few Chrissy cards for this year, I quite like the way they have turned out. I used the embellishment box by Making Memories and also some of their pp and some Cosmo Cricket pp........
Its a start, not exactly sure how many I will need. I think I will go and write myself a list so I can get a bit organised!!!!
Thats all for now. Thanks for looking.

I was trying to be clever.................

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And make my blog a little prettier, but in the process have lost my links. I will fix it, just not now cause it is past my bedtime LOL. It looks good but, doesn't it........

Ok Ok Time For a New Post

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I thought I should update my blog because my friends tell me I am naughty for not updating it (HI KRISTY) LOL. I have done some scrapping, made a card for the copycat cards challenge and some other stuff but I wont post it all LOL.

My first Layout is a challenge on the Scrapsidaisy Forum and it's only about ummmm 4 weeks behind everyone else!!!!

This one is of Lil, she made herself and me out of playdough and then had to have a photo taken, I thought it was very cute and just had to scrap it!!

This is my beautiful goldfish, Sharkbait, you know after nemo!!!

Another of Lil, she is so cute.......

and last but not least my Copycat Card for this weeks challenge. This week we had to use beads. I have used micro beads and dimentional magic on my flowers I love the way the turned out, although it's probably a little hard to see in the photo.
So thats some of the things I have been doing lately.
I also entered some of my scrapping in the local show and I won a prize for the most successful exhibitor!!!! I was very excited about that!!
Also last night we had a 'girls night in' at Scrapsidaisy to raise money for breast cancer research, it was a fun night and for a very good cause and we reached our fundraising target YAAAAAY for us!!!!!
And thats about it, thanks for looking, even though I am hopeless at updating LMAO!!!!!!

We Went to the Beach......

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And it was absolutley freezing, Well for me it was. I did get my feet wet but thats about it!!! Lilli however absolutely loved it. It was such a beautiful day yesterday almost like summer. But the water was still just a little bit cold for me.
And now it is raining :0( . The day didn't start off too bad though. I made cookies this morning, 2 batches. Then we went to Bunnings and bought some plants to pot, I got some tomatoes, cucumbers and some strawberries, Lilli loves all of these so we planted some and then it rained so now they are getting some water.
Here is Lil enjoying the water at the beach.
Now this LO is a little late, or early, whichever way you want to look at it LOL. The photo is from last year but I think it's gorgeous!!
And this is the Little album I have been working on, well a couple of pages. It is Lilli when she was a tiny baby!! It is a Kaiser wooden album. I thought it turned out quite well.
I think that might be about all for today. I still haven't decided what to give away so I will do that another day. I hope all my SBS sisters are safe in the U.S. There are some horrible storms over there. And I hope all my other friends are safe and well too!!
Take care, Thanks for looking :0).

Thank You Gayle!!

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A big Thank You to Gayle, on of my lovely SBS14 sistahs!! for this beautiful award.

Now I have to pass the award on to 5 more worthy blogs!! I must say I know alot more than five but I will pick, my local buddies, Kristy, Jules, Tracey, another fellow sistah, Becky, and my Ausssie sistah Rima. It is such a beautiful award, Thanks again Gayle.

Also while I am here, I noticed that I have reached 1500 visitors so I was thinking it must be about time for some Blog Candy. So keep an eye out I will update again soon.

Bye for now.

September!! Are you serious???

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Hi all!! I really can't believe how extremely fast this year has flown by!!! and soon it will be christmas (shhhh did I really type that LOL)
Any how I have been scrapping and stuff, I only have one LO to show you today though, I have been working on a mini album so when it's done I will show!!
This LO is my Mum and Lilli, they always have the best hugs.
And here is a card I have made for Copycat Cards, I haven't made one for a while but it's all up and running again so go check it out!! The challenge this week was to make a card using black white and orange. I used an image that I got in a stamp swap, the teddy is sooo cute!! and I cut the bottom off with my great photography skills LMAO.
So I hope all is well in your part of the world! and I will be back one day soon. Hopefully with some more creations to share.
Thanks for looking.

Wow 2 days in a row!!

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Well I did say that I would show you the layout I done, compliments of Kim Archer!! It is gorgeous I love it. I love the colours and the embellishments......There is actually two layers, the top one is a sheet of transparency that we scrapped on, and then placed over the bottom.
This is the bottom page, there is supposed to be journalling on there but I haven't decided exactly what I want to write yet!!! But you get the idea, and a very clever idea it is!
This is an old Milo tin that I have recycled and made into a "hair wear" tin, you know, hair bands, clips, bobby pins etc. They always seem to go missing in my house, I think that most of them might end up in Barbies hair LOL. So I decided if I put a lid on them little fingers probably won't be able to get them out (well thats the plan) See around the scallop around the bottom of the tin, that was made with my new fiskars scallop punch, I am most impressed with it.
And here is the lid, which I thought was pretty and needed to be seen as well lol. Sorry, the photo is sideways, I only just noticed the button is not the right way up. Just tilt your head slighty to the left......................
Ok thats all for now, Thanks for looking.

Some new layouts.

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Hi There. Well it's been about a month since my last post, but hey, I am still here LOL. I have still been creating and still working hard!! (most of the time) . And some sad news, My Nanna died a few weeks ago, she was 85. I have done a LO of her with my favourite photo, she really was the most beautiful Nanna.
So, anyways, here are a few new layouts.
The first one was a challenge on the Scrapsidaisy forum, I loved the LO it's great.

The next one is actually my first attempt at a 6 x12 page. I had some small photos and thought I would try something a bit different, I thought it turned out OK!!
This one is a kit from Scrapsidaisy, isn't it cute, designed by Kristy!! I thought that the photo of Lilli would go perfectly in the LO, isn't SHE cute!! I added a few extra buttons on mine and some bling. (of course) And this one is my Nanna, I love this photo of her.
On Saturday I spent the day at Scrapsidaisy, where the very talented Kim Archer was teaching us a few new tricks, it was such a great day. I would show you the LO except I left it at work LOL. I took it in today for show and tell, and it's still there. The guys are funny they just don't get it, but Allison likes to look. So when I get it I will take a pic and post it for you all to see!
We also made a mini album but mine is not quite done, I need to add just a few finishing touches. It really was great, I did learn some great new things.
Thats about all thats been happening in my house. Hope all is well at yours!!!
Thanks for looking.

Hello Again!!!!

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How are you all!! Hope all is well. Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, sometimes life just gets in the way lol. I have been doing a bit of scrapping though, I have put a few up for you to have a look at.
For some reason I feel like I have hardly been home, I have been though, just busy I think.
I went to my mums for the weekend a couple of weeks ago and stayed on Friday and Saturday night. That was nice for a change, I hadn't been since March because my car was broken, just making up for lost time lol.
So anyway here is a couple of LO's to share. This first one is Lil, isn't she cute!!!!
My Nephew who turned 2 in June.
Lilli with my sisters new little kitten!!
My Neice, on her birthday in May
And Lilli again, she is my angel, she is gorgeous!!!!!
So thats what I have been up to besides working, and all the usual stuff. It's a bit freezing today, the wind is really cold! But it is winter LOL.
That's about all for now, thanks for looking!!

Where is the Sunshine!!!!!!

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Hi there, How are you going, I hope somebody is getting some sun shine. The weather here is just plain miserable!!!!!! The sun hasn't been out for ages! LOL. You know I actually like rain just not 5 days straight!
Anyway enough about the weather, I have done a few new layouts. The first one was for a challenge on the Scrapsidaisy Forum, I think I am only about 5 behind everyone else now LOL.

And this one is of Lil doing what she does best, sleeping. I think she will be one of those kids that are hard to get out of bed in the morning LOL. And a quick thankyou to Jules for cutting out my title on her new machine LOL, it is awsome!!!
Thats about it, I am off to Scrapsidaisy this afternoon for some scrapping so maybe I will have something new to show soon. I best go and pick up The Princess from pre-school first though.
Thanks for looking

I am Still Here!!

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Hi Everyone, I am still here, still alive and kicking LOL. I have been very busy, but not doing fun stuff LOL.
I have had an open house and so I spent the whole of last weekend weeding gardens (that really needed doing anyway) and tidying up bits and pieces in the house that don't always get done. I got the car bogged in the back yard, It had another trip to the mechanic and (fingers crossed) I haven't had any trouble since (praying that I dont jinx myself)
And I spent all day yesterday and today doing stocktake at work. Yaaaaay!!!!!
So anyway since it's a long weekend I still get tomorrow off and I am going to SLEEP IN!!!!!!!

I have done a little creating, I have been to Scrapsidaisy on Tuesday night for some scrap therapy LOL. It seems to be the only place I get any done lately.
The first page is my beautiful girl, she is so cool in her goggles and bikini!!!!
These photos are from Chrissy last year, Lil got a new double pram and a new baby boy doll, she wanted to take them for a walk almost straight away LOL. This page was a challenge over on the Scrapsidaisy Forum, It's always good to have a little inspiration!
And I think thats about all for now. Hopefully it will not be so long until my next post LOL.
Bye for now and thanks for looking!!

Some new cards

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Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend. I went to the markets this morning, but I didn't find any goodies for myself today, just a few outfits for Lilli's barbies!
Anyways my first card is my entry for this weeks Copycat Cards challenge. The theme this week was Flutter and Flourish, and they are giving away a lovely little prize this week, you should have a go!!!!
My second card was for my 1 year old neice, the image is from Pink Petticoat, I coloured it with inks and water brush and then put a little kindy glitz over the top to add some sparkle, isn't it cute!!!
I have a few other things to show, but I might post them tomorrow.
Bye for now, thanks for looking!

I have been busy!

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I really have been busy, working and scrapping and buying birthday presents LOL, I have 2 neices having a shared party tomorrow. So my first little creation is a card for Lauriel who turns nine and loves loves loves bags and shoes!!!! I got the image from Pink Petticoat and I thought is was just so adorable, I just coloured it with inks and water brush, then I put Kindy Glitz over the colour, turned out great if i do say so myself LOL. I still have to make Hailea's card, I had better hurry.
So next is a double LO, the photos are from Chrissy last year. I don't very often do doubles but I thought instead of doing a single page with 1 or 2 photos I could use them all. I know, I know genius aren't I, LMAO.
Now I was a little excited with this one because I won the monthly challenge at Scrapsidaisy and I received $20 to spend in the shop so I bought myself the 'build a flower' dies for my cuttlebug YAY, I actually built the dragonfly down the bottom corner. It turned out beautifully, I can see I will have fun with it. So yeah I was excited because I used the dies for the first time on this page, everybody understand that little ramble LOL.
I done this LO last weekend out at Scrapsidaisy, they held the card making/scrap day. I always have such a great time. I did finish another LO too but forgot to take a photo, never mind I will show you next time. And thank you to Kristy who introduced me to chalk. This was my first attempt, the swirls in the top left corner, it turned out very nice. I also added a bit of bling. Oh and about the photo, I simply could not get a serious one so I decided to use the craziest one LOL. Thats my daughter with the shirt off!!!!
Any ways I have also made 2 clocks for mothers day, but have not managed to get photos yet but I will before I give them away.
Thats about all for today, hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for looking.

A couple of cards and a layout

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Hi everyone hope all is well in your part of the world, I'm great, it is friday!!!!!
My first card is the card I made for this weeks Copycat card challenge, this weeks challenge was inside out, so we had to put what we would usually write on the inside on the outside. This is what I came up with lol.
The second card I made was from a sketch, for Beths blog candy. Beth is celebrating here 100th post with a lovely little package!!! This is my version of the the sketch it's quite bright I thought!!
And lastly this is a LO that I started at my LSS Scrapsidaisy, but I had to finish it at home, I must say thank you to Jules for helping me out, I was struggling a little bit and she helped me out!!
Any how thats all I have to show for now, but tomorrow I am off to the cardmaking and scrap day at Scrapsidaisy should be lots of fun!!!! Might have some more to show after that depends how much talking I do instead of scrapping LOL
Bye for now!

A few different things.

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Hope you are all having a great weekend, I am, a long weekend for me!!
My friend from Sydney came up for a surprise visit on Friday, I rang her to have a chat and she said " I am on my way up the coast". It has been a while since I had seen her so I quickly made this cute little magnet to give her! It was actually an old real estate magnet, you know the ones with calendars on them, well anyway I cut mine in half and decorated it.
Next is my Copycat Card for the week, it's a little late but I did make it. This weeks challenge was ' no paper shall be harmed' LOL. Which just meant we weren't to cut any full sheets of paper, we had to use scraps. Sorry about the photo its a little dark, the colours are much nicer IRL.
And last but not least is a LO of my little neice, who decided that she needed some mascara on, all over her face!!!! She is a cutie.
Thats about all I have to share for now. I promised Lilli we could go to the beach if the sun came out again today, so it looks like we will be going, the sun has been shining for 2 days in a row YAY. I had to catch up on about 2 weeks of washing yesterday ( maybe not quite I did use the clothes dryer a few times) I had lots!!!!
Oh and I had to take Lilli for her school needles yesterday, I was really worried that after she had the first one she would scream and not want the second one, but she was sooooo good, she didn't even say ouch!!!! There were no tears, no screaming, nothing. She just sat there calmly, I really couldn't believe it, neither could the doctor, lol. He gave her lollies and a pen!! She was really very good.
Anyhow bye for now, Thanks for looking.

Just a quick one!

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Just a quick LO of my neice Khloe, she wanted a photo taken of her teeth, or lack there of :0)))
Thanks to Jules for letting me use her cuttlebug baby face alphabet to make the title. See my lace, I went to the hub markets and I got about 1.5 metres for just 50 cents, bargain I thought!!
I got a couple of other goodies as well, I will show you another day LOL.

Bit of a Miserable Day

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I can't believe it's still raining!! It has been raining for days it seems. But good for doing indoor things like scrapping!! But I was driving home from down the shops and it was raining so heavy I could barely see the road, it was a little scary, but I made it home safe lol.

Anyways here are a couple of LO's that I have finished through the week. The first one is my neice Lauriel, her and I went fishing early one morning while we were camping and she caught this fish all by herself, it was a bit small so we had to throw it back, but not before a photo.
This is a LO from our clown party, My sister and me, very very very bright LOL. I obviously wasn't thinking about scrapping the photos when I picked my outfit!!!!
Well I am off to have nice warm cottage pie and vegies for tea, mmmmmmmm comfort food. :0)

Thanks for looking.

A Copycat Card with a window!!

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The Challenge this week at Copycat Cards was to make a card with a window. This is the card I made for the challenge.
I stamped my butterfly onto a piece of clear thin plastic, ummmm dont know what it's really called, then i stuck it over my window and put some kindy glitz on it. Turned out quite nice I think!!!! lol.
I have done a few new LO's as well but haven't taken photos yet but i will soon. I have had to work a little later than usual this week so I haven't been home as much, but it's the weekend now, YAY!!!! and hopefully I will get some more stuff done.

Well I hope you all enjoy your weekend, have a good one.
By for now.