I did it!!

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I made it to 5kg!!! Yaaaay Me!! 5.3kg to be exact. I have had the best week this week, I was super good and no alcohol and I have lost 1.6kg. I ate my fruit and drank my water again. Woo Hoo !!!! LOL
 Here is before and after, I can see a difference in my face. Ryan says he can see other changes, but my eyes can't for some reason.
So I am up to 15kg altogether now, including the weight I have lost with Weight Watchers. If I compare this after photo with my "fat" photo, I can see a big change!!
I would really like to thank Karen and Nerrida at 5kg Scrappers Challenge, for the inspiration and also the other ladies who are participating. I'm too excited to wait and see what the little assignment is for this week, but I may come back and edit this post when it's up!!


Nerrida said...

Wow wow wow Beckie - you're doing it girl! Email me your address details at gnmitch@internode.on.net and I'll get that well-deserved prize off to you.

Dale Tiernan said...

Congrats Beckie. That's amazing. Well done on winning the prize too. An added bonus.

Anonymous said...

Wow you go girl, looking fab,congrats on being the winner yipee xx

Karen Shady said...

YAY Bec, what a legend... OMG I can sooo see a difference... way to go girl xx